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Our Family
Our Family: Pops, Me, The Teenager, The Boy, The Freckle Faced Ninja, Miss Priss, Miss Sassy Pants, Madi-Lou-Who, & Dora the Explorer

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


So happy new year! I originally posted this on Facebook for a few minutes and then realized how LONG it was (shocker, I know!) so I'm turning it into an abbreviated blog post! Sorry about the weird highlighting.  I can only get rid of it if I retype the whole thing.  Riiiight!  ;) 

Our new year's eve was a total reflection of our year 2013:

7 am - woke up to boys arguing and girls giggling.  Way before we were ready to be awake.

7:05 am - checked Facebook for any new breaking news in the life of my friends.  Realized I might need to make a new years resolution to get off Facebook.  OK, maybe in 2015.  
8 am - listened to the Bible at breakfast which led to a map discussion and the kids declaring the countries north and south of us are North America and....North America! 
8:30 - tantrum over being sent to bedroom. To play. 

8:35 - checked Facebook while sitting over tantruming child.  Facebook helps keep parental temper in check amazingly well.  Rethinking Facebook resolution.
9 am - singing of some horrid Justin beiber-ish song. Threatened with removal of vocal cords if continue. Results in gales of laughter and imitations of characters from despicable me 2.

9:30 - tantrum over wearing clothes.  
9:35 - checked Facebook.
10:00 - massive gun battle. Good guys won. 

10:30 - tantrum over who was petting the dog first.  Dog hiding in crate.
11:00 - Check Facebook.  Wonder if it's too soon to put kids to bed and break out New Years bottle of wine.  
11:15 - Put on movie and descend to using the screen for babysitting.  And feel OK about it.  
1:00 - Succumb to complaints of hunger and fix lunch.  Insist on naptime.
1:30 - Lay on girl's bedroom floor and constantly "shhh" them while checking Facebook until 2 finally drop off to sleep and the other 2 pretend.  Fall asleep on floor in 15 minute increments as awake girls attempt to have a silent puppet show on top bunk beds with stuffed animals.  
3:30 - All awake, give up on nap.  Eat snack and begin process of bathing children who, while mommy had a stomach virus, missed several days of baths.  
4:00 - Make children mop up 2 inches of water on the floor.  Attempt to get clothes on while naked children enjoy singing and dancing naked and making fun of naked tushies.  
4:30 - Get ready to go to Walmart.  Do NOT make a list.  Mistake number one. First trip to store as a whole family (and without the help of teenager). Mistake number two.  
5:00 - Drive to Walmart amid squeals of excitement. Threats of being sent to bed and missing all new years treats if misbehave in store. 
5:15 - go through Walmart with 2 carts holding 3 kids + new years treats. Each accumulated treat (new movie, ice cream, cookie dough, sparkling grape juice, frozen pizza, eggs, bread....) brings SCREAMS of delight and loud singing "we're having ice cream, of yeah, ice cream, oh yeah, yuuuummmm, yuuuuummmm!" Which brought much amusement to all other Walmart shoppers. Especially about eggs and toast. Except me. Discreetly trying to shush the exuberance.
7:30 - had dinner and a movie in the living room. 

8:45 - Paused movie and left room to make cookies and returned to 3 youngest having a food fight (i. Am. Not. Kidding.).  Guacamole, chips, salsa, pizza all over.  Note that no premature bites of cookie dough we gave them were thrown.  Thankfully laid down blanket first.  Dogs have field-day helping clean up.   
9:00 - 3 children missing treats, 3 massive melt downs, and 3 children going to bed. Immediately. 
9:15 - Checked Facebook.
9:45 - felt sad missing teenager Gabby Gonzalez who is developing a social life of her own and been out of town since last Friday.  
10:00 - Finished treats and movie and regretted how much i ate.  
10:30 - put kids to bed. 

10:45 - reminisced about past 20 years of New Years Eves.  Remembering how we discussed getting married for the first time on New Years 20 years ago.  
11:00 - put on new movie for mom and dad. 
11:15 - listen husband Antonio Gonzalez begin to snore. Watch whole movie, forget about midnight, regret staying up so late. 

 We hope your New Years Celebration was as full of laughter and good memories (and fewer tantrums) as ours. Praying for abundant blessings in the new year for all of you! Love & hugs, God bless!


  1. I really enjoyed this post. It makes me think that I am not busy enough. My house is far too quiet. I like hearing your crazy. Keep posting.

    1. Oh Karen, LOL!! One day I was on the phone and actually said, "It's pretty quiet but there are only FIVE of us here." My thinking has changed majorly!!