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Thursday, March 29, 2012

For Today

Warning: Fluff post!  :)

I'm wrung out the other day.  "I got nuthin' left!" was all I could think.  There had been tantrums, refusal to cooperate, attitudes that were revealing heart aromas that were a bit stinky, an overwhelmingly messy house, no milk for my coffee, and general unruliness.  I look at clips of the Duggar family and I wonder, how can they do this with 19 when I am being defeated today by 4?

I read about a woman who shops for the entire month in one blow and saves money and my sister-in-law tells of her couponing cut her grocery bill from $200 to $100 in one trip.  I can barely keep bread and toilet paper in the house.  Can I get an AMEN from my sisters in disorganization? 

Yesterday my son's counselor tells me how he shared with her that we're out of TP and using paper towels!  "Oh, don't flush those!  They'll clog up your line!"  Seriously?  Dying from embarrassment... "Oh yes, I know and it's only for today, on the way to the store from here!"  I tell her as I make a mental note to strangle the boy!  Actually it had been for like 4 days. 

I have friends who make menus of the month and grocery shop based on that.  My kids always ask me what's for dinner and I tell them they'll find out when I do!  I once said something about making a menu of meals and our son says, "You do, where is it?"  I pretended it was somewhere too high for him to see instead of reality...in my imagination!!! 

I have piles of laundry to do and to fold or hang and folded waiting to be put away.  My kids have drawers full of last year's clothes that are all too small. It takes 5 tries before they find pants or shorts that fit. 

So you can guess what my first New Year's Resolution is each year!  Well OK, the first was to lose 20 pounds and the second was to...wait let me see if I can find them.  I know I wrote them down.  I think I did.  Maybe in my calendar.  Wonder where my calendar is!  Have you seen it? 

OK, so I'm making light of the chaos of my life.  But sometimes there is no alternative.  I am not like the Duggar family who is almost 4 times our size and has an organizational system to rival the Army!  I am a mess.  I leave my shoes on the floor and I only know how to cook like 5 things (dinner is very predictable at our house). 

So I've decided that instead of New Year's Resolutions that I can't find or remember (I always resolve to get in shape/lose weight and get organized so those are no-brainers!) that I'm making "For Today" resolutions.  Then I stand at least a chance of feeling a sense of accomplishment and might, just might, find some order in my chaos! 

For today, I WILL drink a cup of warm tea and watch as my beautiful children play outside. 

For today, I will go for a walk and listen as the birds sing.  If this counts as exercise, all the better!

For today, I will have another cup of tea and attempt not to lose my temper as we work on math!

For today, I will laugh as much as I can and hopefully do a load of laundry.

For today, I will not strangle any of my children when they tell everyone we know we haven't had toilet paper for the past 3 days.

For today, I will think about working on the tax preparation I've been neglecting since February (it's all in the verbiage!). 

For today, I will pull my children close as we read a story and laugh as they giggle. 

What will you do just for today? 


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